Thursday, February 5, 2009

i really dont know where to begin. it really is beyond the realm of comprehension what drives this man. is it the desire to save his beloved israel at the expense of the country he is from? is it the overwhelming desire that all politicians seem to have to fill thier pockets with taxpayer money? is it the need to be friends with every lobbyist that will grease thier palm? is it the love of fame to be photographed with with president bush, sen mccain and the idiot herself sarah palin. joe has reached the end of his political rope and there isnt enough left to tie a knot. 2012 is bound to be his demise. if not and the people of connecticut of which i am one. reelect this retard im afraid ill have to move to another state. preferably someplace warmer. OPEN YOUR EYES HE SUPPORTED THE REPUBLICAN. 2006 he lost as a democrat. ran as an independant AND WON. where does his support lie. certainly not with the sane or reasonable. of course this is just my opinion but as 2012 looms closer i will back it all up with facts

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